Leaving the Jungle

This is the second part of the “FULL CIRCLE” series, of Kate’s life and career in Asia.

This is a love letter to Singapore. It celebrates meeting John Koh.

Kate visited Singapore, a few years before meeting him and could hardly believe such a beautiful place existed, where races lived together. Such a verdant, fragranced and exotic city. She loved it from the first moment. Little did she know, Singapore would play a much bigger part of in my life, as she married a Singaporean.

This painting shows the girl coming from the vegetation dressed in a Sarong Kebaya, the Peranakan traditional dress. She is surrounded by orchids and guided by the national bird, the Crimson Sunbird. She is welcomed, safe and loved . Her path in life is sourced by this beautiful Sun City. This is really a celebration of life.

“The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind”. — Rumi.

Hand finished limited edition print.

尺寸 1120 × 1520 毫米

USD 800.00