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Silk Scarves

Tying your 100 % silk scarves UK, USA & Europe is an art that requires the utmost fashion trends sense. Shop our collection of fine 100% Silk scarves in UK, USA & Europe. Not following anything stereotypes, but whichever way you wear a scarf is another defined old or new fashion statement. Today, in this blog, we are unveiling some of the best ways to wear a silk scarf this winter.

First, you may like to ditch your woolen scarf now! Indeed, wool scarfs keep you warm and all, but silk ones have their own fashion statement. Moreover, silk is also the chic fabric everyone loves. Choose the 70s style or 90s, and every look is sophisticated as per the renowned style experts.

Tie limited editions, wall art designed, or intricate patterns for people to admire your style. Wearing a scarf is not like the jacket; you may pull off easily. It requires knowledge about different tying patterns as per trends and your suitability.

For instance, you got a chubby body; think about wearing a bandana style silk scarf. Pro tip: look for body-type scarves to buy the best silk scarf for yourself.

Well, for the common grounds, there are three ways you can tie your silk scarves:

Classic Neck Knot

Classic is never out of style. It’s easy and looks better, no doubt about that! Begin with folding the scarf in half; place it behind your neck, then bring both ends in front, and pull the loose ends through the loop. Here, you get the classic neck knot.

Simple Loop Tie

Interestingly, it is the celebrity tie method. It looks cool and casual at the same time. Think about that old photo of Kate Middleton, and roll your silk scarf like a tube from corner to corner, place it on center back of your neck, and loosely loop the ends. Here, you get the simple loop tie, inspired by your favorite celebrity.

The Shawl

Last, to say, wearing it like a shawl is the easiest way. Spread it corner to corner and wrap around it your shoulders. Here you get the everlasting shawl look. Further, buy silk scarves under $100 or $500, what matters is how you wear them.

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