Winter: The Patron Saint of Gucci with Nelson

This is the final piece in the series. It celebrates the amazing work of Alessandro Michele at Gucci. This cape was from the Men’s show at the time this piece was painted. With the girl wearing it, we show the way Alessandro started to explore genderless clothing.

This piece immediately became iconic and launched Nelson’s career as “the Pirate Dog”. The girl is so strong and ethereal, the hair is almost fluorescent against the dark snowy background.

Her expression is shocked, surprised or what? It is left to the viewer to engage in the question of what it is. Clearly, she has a confidence to be herself, she has travelled through the seasons of her life; is powerful in her beauty and place in the world.

“Beauty is eternity gazing at itself in the mirror”. — Rumi.

Hand finished print. 

Dimensions 760 × 560 mm

USD 600.00

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