The Last Supper Painting

This triptych is one of Kate’s most powerful and loved pieces. It depicts the subject of betrayal.

The “Last Supper” is one of her favourite subjects in religious iconic art. It fascinates Kate to see how people respond to this piece.

The subject of betrayal is a tricky one, people are often outraged and angry. When we resist being with something, it tends to happen again.

“You may ask, why I painted this. It was the time of the “Umbrella Revolution” in Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Students were expressing their (peaceful) outrage for their betrayal. This happened to coincide with a betrayal of me by a close family friend. This betrayal impacted 2 of us. Hence, I am here as Christ, with the other betrayed standing third to the right of me, wearing the blue and orange dress.” — Kate

This painting has a very sparse background, without her usual decoration. The power of what she had to say took over from the need to fill the space with something pretty. Kate was clear that this painting became a huge source of healing for her. She also believes that others find their own journey of completion here.

Hand finished print. 

October 2014

Dimensions 841 × 2276 mm

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