Spring: The Patron Saint of Zimmermann with Lotus

This is the first piece in the “Four Seasons” Series. The four seasons are a celebration of life and of Fashion, with a few dogs…

They convey seasons in many dimensions; life, nature, becoming, fashion. This painting shows the optimism of the arrival of Spring. She has the Botticelli hairstyle and a crown of spring foliage. Her hands in prayer to celebrate and give thanks for the arrival of new life.

The butterfly to reference the miracle of transformation in nature we see every year. The dress is Zimmermann, a very on-trend Designer in 2017 when this was created. After significant investment, the Fashion Label has a whole new beginning. Lotus snuggled on her knee, looking forward to the beautiful times ahead.

“The Springtime of Lovers has come…. that the bird of my soul may rise in flight” –Rumi.

Hand finished print. 

Dimensions 760 × 560 mm

USD 600.00

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