San Francesco

This one of Kate’s most loved and iconic paintings. It was short-listed for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Kate created it during a time when she was training for the Great Wall Marathon. she spent so much time running in the hills and in the beautiful nature of Hong Kong and many other places. This piece is full of beautiful creatures of this planet. The ocean, the forest and the skies.

Saint Francis has always been Kate’s favourite Saint. As an animal lover, being the Patron Saint of animals seems like a dream job. She has made a few pilgrimages to Assisi to visit his home.

During her first visit she bought 2 pairs of the Jesus sandals, you can see them here. They were hand-made and amazing, it took her years to find another pair.

“This painting fills me with passion for life, a true expression of the beauty of nature in the world.” — Kate Padget Koh

Hand finished print. 

March 2015

Dimensions 1782 × 841 mm

USD 500.00

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