Saint Joseph

This is a moving one. Kate knew she wanted to create another piece of a Saint. It was not clear what the subject could be, she could not get started.

Then her beloved dog, Hero died of cancer. He was such a precious dog, so sensitive and loving. After that, the work moved quickly and grew in size.

The main figure is Saint Jospeh, he uses his cloak to shelter the dogs and people they have lost. Hero is there, with Sophie, Kates sister’s Doberman, Sherry and Alexy – 2 of her shih tzus. Momo, her friend Eva’s Chihuahua.

On the other side, her mother Delia, Teresa, her Mother-in-law and Lloyd my brother in law. All of these loved ones who have passed through the rainbow and into the beautiful floral, abundant eternity under the cloak.

Hand finished print. 

June 2016

Dimensions 1650 × 1240 mm
Frame width

100 mm

USD 800.00

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