Princess Love

The second work in this series of the “COUPLE”. The progress of the relationship is evident in this piece.

The palette is simpler and there is a lightness in the imagery. Kate looks happier and she has love around her. John is looking towards hey, with kissing fish on his tee. It is a whole lot more playful and optimistic, just as their relationship was at that point.

Yet still, Kate is a Princess, there is a sense of aloofness and coolness about her. He looks on carefully, in case it falls apart as she get upset. As the work progresses, their relationship evolves and becomes a living expression of love.

“This relationship is one of the biggest challenges I have had in my life and one of (if not the) most fulfilling accomplishments of my life.” — Kate Padget Koh

Hand finished print. 

January 2017

Dimensions 280 × 380 mm
Frame width

100 mm

USD 300.00

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