Princess Artagatis of Wakatobi

Diving is one of Kate’s life passions and Wakatobi is one of her favourite dive locations.

This Mermaid Princess is the mythical creature who lives in the waters of the Sulawesi dive resort.

There is something so magical about Wakatobi, the commitment to preserving, protecting and positively impacting the reefs. The biodiversity here is extraordinary. So many species and precious creatures. Her obsession with Anemone Fish is hinted at here, with a beautiful anemone with gorgeous Clark’s Anemone and Skunk Anemone fish.

The creatures in this painting are very much Wakatobi creatures. Garden Eels, Snake Eels, Bi-colour Chromis, Box Fish, Pyramid Angel Fish. It is a vivid expression of her love for Sea Life.

Hand finished limited edition print.

July 2014

Dimensions 841 × 594 mm

USD 500.00

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