MaDelia (in honour of Delia Alice)

This painting is one of Kates iconic pieces. It is in honour of her mother, Delia and creating her as a Madonna (hence Ma “Delia”).

She loves these powerful icons of powerful women. Her mother was such a powerful woman, so beautiful, glamorous, inspiring and strong. She is depicted such a balanced way, in strong, vivid colours. There many symbols here.

– The Orchid, which was Delia’s favourite flower.

– The cupcake, which she always baked long before they were popular.

– The Butterflies, at the time of her death there were butterflies everywhere on everything.

– The Birds, which appeared in the garden right after her passing and appear everywhere.

The quote “Inspiration may come from somewhere deep, beyond the rational” is written by her sister.  Kate feels so filled with love and power when she see this.

Hand finished print. 

November 2014

Dimensions 841 × 594 mm

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