Finding Love

This is the first in the “COUPLE” series, of John and Kate. The series documents their relationship.

This painting was created for him as a statement of their love. It really spoke louder than Kate could have.

At the time, they were both challenged with life. His mother was dying, She had a job She hated and was depressed from loss of her own mother, they were so disconnected.

Kate loved him at a soul level, but everyday life was challenging, they were missing each other. The painting says it all.

Kate look seriously unhappy… They look at a place beyond the other. The “double happiness” symbol is upside down. The big Butterfly speaks of transformation of the relationship.

Kate’s favourite Rumi quote is here : “Your task is not to seek love, but to find all the barriers you have built against it”.

The next few years and many paintings show just how much we “found and destroyed….all the barriers we had built against love”. — Kate Padget Koh

Hand finished print. 

August 2012

Dimensions 760 × 560 mm
Frame width

100 mm

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