Autumn: The Patron Saint of Dries Van Noten with Bunty and Winston

This is part 3 in the “Four Seasons” series. The girl leans forward over a heart. There is a sense of quiet power, as she stares out of the painting. The pose and imagery hint at Mucha, the famous Art Nouveau Artist.

The painting is filled with Autumnal references, Maple leaves, rich dark lilies, with a bachanalian halo over her head. She is wearing a Dries Van Noten dress and boots.

This was the 20th year of Dries van Noten Fashion, this dress was taken from that collection. Each print was taken from one of the previous collections and something was added to it to make it new.

Winston and Bunty snuggle in front of the heart. She is saying, I have had 2 seasons, now I am ready to show myself. The palette is extraordinary in it’s richness and balance.

Hand finished print. 

Dimensions 760 × 560 mm

USD 600.00

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