For me, nature is creation in the world.  It takes the natural flow of life, the beauty of life, a home for beautiful creatures.  The extraordinary wealth and variety of flora, fauna and weather systems.  Nature is proof that the Universe is ever abundant. There is no doubt in nature.

Nature is a huge part of my life.  It is my “life source”.  I grew up in the Countryside, in a rural village and only lived in a City first the first time when I was 25 years old.  Since then, I have lived in big and very busy cities, always finding nature wherever I am. The absence of green has a big impact on my quality of life.

My work always includes nature.  There are animals, flowers, leaves, fish and sometimes and huge tracts of vegetation. I am enchanted by species of all these creatures, having a slightly obsessive knowledge of national species of birds (Hong Kong – the red-whiskered Bul Bul).  Nature is life expressed in all its natural glory, there is no apology, no limitation.

I always find my answers in Nature.  No matter what I draw, paint or create; there is always something natural which grows in it. The epitome of a ‘Nature’ in my work is my beloved piece : “San Francesco”.  In the painting, Saint Francis is surrounded by all elements of nature : the sky, the forest, the ocean.  His Cassock is covered with lovely creatures and fauna.  He was short-listed for the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

Now as we face the challenges of the impact of Climate Change, our beautiful natural world is at threat.  We constantly see the plastic oceans, the starving orangutans and polar bears, yellow skies thick with pollution.   What can each of us do to make the change? 

My commitment for life on this planet is the abundance of beauty and love for all living creatures.

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