I was so fortunate to visit India for the CNY Holiday.  A potentially very un-Chinese CNY, but stunning and inspiring in its own way.

 We opted to visit Mumbai, which I had not visited for 10 years.  We stayed at SOHO HOUSE, Juhu Beach.  A beautiful property in Juhu, the centre of Bollywood, which is somewhat like staying in Malibu.  The property is literally on the Beach, and every morning we took runs on this gorgeous stretch of coastline.  

Mumbai has performed an extensive beach clean-up in recent years.  Started in 2015 by city lawyer Afroz Shah at Versova Beach and supported by volunteers, Shah was awarded “Champion of the Earth” by the UN.  To see these pristine beaches is so moving and brings home how we can make an impact wherever we live.

India played a big part in my career.  In the early 2000s, I had a fantastic Design Consulting opportunity with Raymondof India.  Where I worked on Parx and later all of their Brands.  It was such a rich and extraordinary experience.  I made friends for life.  Especially Prakash Yadav, whom I met on this trip.  What a blessing to connect with my wonderful friend and colleague.  

India feels like home for me, I find it so releasing, inspiring and beautiful.  It brings together spirituality, culture, beauty and complexity.  I am always so inspired and filled with new ideas from any India trip.  The local Designers and Retailers are incredible in their commitment to beauty and bringing amazing products to the world.

Mumbai is developing every day.  The country is vibrantly moving toward the future, so full of life and joy.

Kate Padget Koh 

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