Goddess Paintings

My work is usually featuring Goddesses and Saints.  It is verging on an obsession, which I thought everyone had.  During a recent cultured conversation with some very amazing women, I realized they did not in their lives on a daily basis. Which in turn had me ponder why Goddesses, Power Princesses, Madonnas and Saints play such a large part in my creative consciousness.

I am not from a Religious Family at all, my mother had a statue of Joan of Arc, which I was rather taken with after hearing her bold story.  When I was 8 I met a girl on a beach in Wales called Athena. I was mesmerised by this exotic name. her Father was a Professor of Greek Mythology.  I had always been amazed that St Francis actually could have the job of taking care of all the nature, animals and the environment.  Again, I was mesmerised by this role in life.

Through my ongoing curiosity, I found many other Goddesses and Saints.  Including, my namesake – Saint Katherine (of the wheel). After many trips to Italy in galleries and churches, as well as my education in Renaissance Art, my knowledge for these glorious beings grew.  Travels in Asia, has added entire new worlds of Hindu, Burmese, Balinese, Chinese Icons.

So what is the quality and expression which attracts me so much.  The power of being oneself, present to the extraordinary power, beauty and ability to impact!  All fearless in their endeavours and commitments.    

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