Martina, Nicole and Luna Private Commission

The precious, miracle Family: Heidi, Ian and Keira Private Commission

Ravi and the blessed Bhojwani Family Private Commission

Leaving the Jungle

Princess Amoghasiddhi: The Goddess of Infallible Magic

Princess Shwe Myet Hua: The Golden Face Goddess

Princess Artagatis of Wakatobi

Saint Catherine in Agra

Princess Khan Kyi

Warrior Princess Geok Choo

Saint Kateri (Lily of the Mowhawks)

MaDelia (in honour of Delia Alice)

The Last Supper

San Francesco

Saint Teresa of Avila

The Annunciation in Dior

Bikini & Dog Squad

Window Shopping

Limitless Love

Endless, Exotic Love

Sister Love

Princess Love

Unconditional Love

Finding Love


Saint Joseph

Princess Lotus

Spring: The Patron Saint of Zimmermann with Lotus

Summer: The Patron Saint of Delpozo with Harry

Princess Amoghasiddhi The Goddess of Infallible Magic

Autumn: The Patron Saint of Dries Van Noten with Bunty and Winston

Winter: The Patron Saint of Gucci with Nelson

This gallery is dedicated to Kate’s work from throughout the years. To purchase prints visit the shop section of the site or contact us directly for all commision enquiries.

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