I was so fortunate to visit India for the CNY Holiday.  A potentially very un-Chinese CNY, but stunning and inspiring in its own way.  We opted to visit Mumbai, which I had not visited for 10 years.  We stayed at SOHO HOUSE, Juhu Beach.  A beautiful property in Juhu, the centre of Bollywood, which is […]


For me, nature is creation in the world.  It takes the natural flow of life, the beauty of life, a home for beautiful creatures.  The extraordinary wealth and variety of flora, fauna and weather systems.  Nature is proof that the Universe is ever abundant. There is no doubt in nature. Nature is a huge part of my life.  It is […]

Goddess Paintings

My work is usually featuring Goddesses and Saints.  It is verging on an obsession, which I thought everyone had.  During a recent cultured conversation with some very amazing women, I realized they did not in their lives on a daily basis. Which in turn had me ponder why Goddesses, Power Princesses, Madonnas and Saints play such a large […]


Beauty is a very important and yet challenging subject.  It is something I am drawn to, evoking memories and creating futures.  I am on a constant search for the decorative images and sheer magic of visuals which make the experience of everyday beauty.  From the moment I open my eyes, I am constantly sorting beauty from ugly throughout […]


We have long heard about the benefits of Art Therapy and the ability to get beyond the ‘ill’ situation to alleviate pain or attachment to this.  The power of the creative process cannot be under-estimated as a means to heal and separate the individual from their condition.  All types of illnesses or afflictions have found very positive […]

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