We have long heard about the benefits of Art Therapy and the ability to get beyond the ‘ill’ situation to alleviate pain or attachment to this.  The power of the creative process cannot be under-estimated as a means to heal and separate the individual from their condition.  All types of illnesses or afflictions have found very positive results through Art Therapy: Long-term pain, cancer, trauma, eating disorders, PTSD as a few.

For my own journey to healing, I can certainly identify with the benefits of Art and the creative process.   My Mother used Art to draw the healing of an inner-ear tumour, which miraculously disappeared.  This miraculous feat seemed quite unrealistic during the days she was doing the work.  

In my own work, I have people and situations, subjects which ‘emerge’.  The paintings can be pre-planned, but rarely (if ever) do they come as I expected.  Many have ultimately been a journey to healing, through their creation. I have 2 Iconic pieces : “MaDelia” and “Saint Teresa”, which are dedicated to my Mother and my Mother-in-law following their deaths.  Having them in my life gives the presence of love and reassurance that love does last forever, while life does not.  Creating these pieces had me consider and create who they were for me and what would play the honour of being a part of this painting, to immortalize them.  

An amazing journey to healing was Saint Joseph, which I wanted to create but kept being stalled.  My beloved dog, Hero died from Lung Cancer.  We were all heartbroken from his loss.  I quickly produced this piece, where Saint Joseph shelters the dogs and family members we have lost.  Shortly after this completion, my Father-in-law passed away suddenly.  I had painted him passing over to protect all our love ones. It may sound morbid, but the love and vibrancy of this piece is an honour to my family and pets.

However you deal with the stresses and challenges of everyday life, Art and creativity is certainly a joyful escape.  Taking the attachment away from our stress and challenges through colour and creativity is great addition to quality of life, not to mention you may find a wonderful hidden talent.

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