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Kate Padget-Koh is a British artist, based in Hong Kong. She has lived in Asia for over 20 years, and her husband is Singaporean. Her diverse career in Fashion and her life journeys inspire her colourful, bold, heart-felt work.

Growing up in England with a Canadian mother and a widely travelled father, she always wanted to travel and meet other cultures – to discover how others live and what they value. Being blessed to have experienced so many cultures, she finds great inspiration for her work. Every culture has passion, endless power and beauty.

Her love for the diversity of Asian cultures, historical and modern, along with her eclectic view of the world, provides fuel for her work. The large-scale pieces include saints, madonnas, buddhas, goddesses, Peranakan culture, glorious underwater scenes and vivid nature. Kate has a special celebration of Warrior Princesses and the Patron Saints of Fashion.

Kate’s medium is just as diverse and interesting as her subjects. She works on large-scale two dimensional pieces in ink, collage, gold-leaf and stickers. She has mastered the digital use of iPad, combining those with hand-finished canvas prints. Her work strongly embraces and combines a range of different mediums.

During her corporate career, she felt something was missing – a means to express herself. Her “happy place” has always been the art gallery. She would take art books to bed and dream. This is where it all started to take form and when she started to draw and paint again – her heart opened.

I am neither of the east nor of the west no boundaries exist within my breast. Kate Padget-Koh

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